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We are very excited to help new bloggers get off to a great start! There are LOTS of things to consider those first few days of blogging, it seems like there a MILLION choices and you must be anxious to get started?

I remember when we began we were so excited to get it started, we just wanted to tell our story!

Unfortunately, we got in a hurry and made a FEW mistakes that actually ended up costing us more time than we would have saved had we been a little more patient. We needed more information than we had those first few days. We needed someone to hold our hand through those first few days!

We plan to do that for you!

We want you to be patient enough to make wise choices, but efficient enough to get it done quickly and RIGHT the first time! Taking a few days to lay the groundwork will save you HUNDREDS of hours later on!

Seriously, we found out the hard way.

We jumped at the first idea we saw and wished we had waited, especially when we ended up signing up with the wrong host (more about this later) and had to wait nearly 48 hours to get our account moved from one host to another! UGHH! We kept refreshing the screen every 30 minutes to see if “it had gone through”.

Now that is all behind us and we want to share our secrets for making your blog setup go smoothly. We promise the steps will be worth it and you will be writing your first posts this week!

How Exciting!

Here’s what we are going to teach you this week so that you will have a successful launch:

Day 1 – We will talk about the benefits of blogging, how to find your niche, and how to come up with a name that represents who you are and what you are passionate about!

Day 2 – We will walk you through the steps of getting your hosting account and setting it up properly the FIRST time. We have a few tips of Mistakes to Avoid that we wish someone had shown us!

Day 3 – We will walk you through the basics of setting up your WordPress site! Most new/free blogging classes don’t teach you this, but we will!! Once you understand the basics, you will be off and running!

Day 4 – We will talk about how to create some “Cornerstone Content” and how to communicate most effectively with your blog’s audience. We have 3 “Super Tips” to get you started!

Day 5 – We will talk about how to balance your time between content creation and getting traffic to your site! It can feel like a juggling act but we will teach you our “Power Block” secrets to working smarter!

Day 6 – We will talk about making money on your blog! There are a few ways to do this and we want to present you with some options for making more money, quickly!

BONUS: We have a bonus lesson for those of you who get your blog site up and running this first week! ;-)

We hope you are as excited as we are!


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